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My Favorites

Machine Learning

Class Imbalance in Machine Learning Problems: A Practical Guide
Five lessons from the trenches of applied data science

The Joy of A/B Testing: Theory, Practice, and Pitfalls
How today’s tech companies make data-driven decisions in Machine Learning production

Is My Model Really Better?
Why ML models that look good on paper are not guaranteed to work well in production

Learning to rank: A primer
The algorithms that power search engines, recommender systems, social media feeds and ads

Algorithms are not enough
The next breakthrough in AI requires a rethinking of our hardware


The Most Effective Creatives Maximize Leverage, Not Hours Worked
Forget ‘quiet quitting’: 3 strategies for creating more business impact with fewer hours

The Science of Time Management
How to optimize your time with the help of Computer Science


How the Universe is deleted
The black hole information paradox

The Galactic Island Hypothesis
New research provides a quantitative solution to Fermi’s paradox

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